Make your entry level career search easier! Tallo's Entry Level Jobs pre-filters available job opportunities in the United States' largest metro areas for careers that you may qualify for without needing years of prior experience or post-secondary education. In addition to easily locating great job opportunities here, you can also search for available scholarships, internships, apprenticeships, and skills training programs - all on one site!

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“My current employer who I intern with used my Tallo profile to determine whether or not to hire me. So using Tallo helped me get one of the best jobs I have ever had! I also have gained a lot more confidence with networking. I love that Tallo connects me with employers.”


Find the right opportunities to help you achieve your education and career goals!

Medical Team

Locating and applying for college scholarships doesn’t need to be challenging. Tallo provides college scholarship information for students seeking to attend a college or university for undergraduate and advanced degrees. Applying for a good scholarship fit for your educational goals may be just a few clicks away!

Office Intern

For people who have recently graduated or are about to graduate from a college, trade school or technical training program, getting a great internship at a company where you think you may want to work someday is often the fastest path to being hired there. Let Tallo help you find the internship that puts you on your career path as soon as possible!

Employer with 2 new employees

Some businesses offer apprenticeship programs in lieu of or in addition to post-secondary education. This means that you may be able to learn a valuable skill or trade while on the job, earning an income. Tallo offers an easier way to discover these opportunities and find one that is right for you!

Skills Training

If you are thinking about adding some new professional skills to your repertoire or upgrading the ones you already have, there are some great learning opportunities available that can elevate your career profile and appeal to more hiring managers and recruiters seeking candidates having those skills. Let Tallo show you what is available in your area(s) of interest!