New York, NY
New York City, NY

New York City is New York’s largest city and the most populous city in the U.S., having a “Tri-State” metropolitan population, that includes Long Island, New York’s Mid and Lower Hudson Valley, and neighboring cities and towns in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, equaling 19,768,458 people. The current median household income for New York is $84,409. New York is situated on the Atlantic Ocean via New York Bay and is divided up by the Hudson, Harlem, Bronx and East Rivers – making bridges and ferries important transportation infrastructure for the metro region. New York is well known for it’s many theaters, music venues, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, and retailers, leading to the commonly shared description that New York City “never sleeps” because there is always something to do in New York, day or night. New York is home to the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, where immigrants from all over the world were processed as new American citizens between 1820 and 1954. The New York metro area is made up of five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Commuters travel mostly by trains and subways, as parking in the city is limited and expensive. New York is also home to tWall Street’s New York Stock Exchange and bustling Times Square and Rockefeller Center. The greater New York metro area is home and host to the headquarters many large employers, including American Express, Simon & Schuster, Associated Press, Nielsen Company, Goldman Sachs, J.Crew, Major League Baseball, NASDAQ, Pfizer, Ralph Lauren, TIAA-CREF, Revlon, NBC Universal and NBC, Marvel Entertainment and many others!